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Graham Smith 

    • Window Film
    • Arcitectural​, Design, Logo, Decal 
    • Commercial & Residential window Film
    • Rim, Emblem, Design, Accent wrap 
    • Tint Removal
    • Give your car a Unique touch with Class!
    Charlotte, NC
    Servicing the greater Charlotte area. Current SALE on Vehicle custom body WRAP
    vinyl wrap
    Get Murdered Out!
    Wrap your vehicle to give it a personal, customized look. We can be as creative as possible. Personally, I like my cars to make people do a double take, being classy and not super flashy. But in the end the customer gets what the customer wants. Matte finish, Chrome in 8 different colors, { Crocodile Skin} (nice!), Python, Gloss, Clear paint coat protection and Rim wrapping.

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    • Carbon Fiber 
    • Reptile Skin 
    • Accents,
    • And much more to Imagine

    Well over A 1OOO Hrs in the business. The Largerest, most Flawless window pane I tintined by myself was 9'x7'.
    I  learned my Craft by doing homes and businesses, I later tried my hand at vehicle body wraping.

    Business & Residential

    A few claims to fame:
    • BaKu / Sharon rd / South Park
    • Goodyear / S. Blvd
    • The Fox'n'Hound - formerly Bailys on 51
    • Garden Nail Salon
    • Numerous NC & FL beach front Homes.

    Crocodile Skin (vinyl)